A salute to the deplorables and the forgotten middle class

Keep America Great!

Trump focused and delivered on campaign promises meaningful to middle America

COVID-19 Impact: Implementation of travel bans, social distancing policies, War Powers Act, relaxing guidelines to accelerate the race for the cure and to address shortages of test kits, ventilators, masks, etc.

Individual Prosperity: Delivering on middle class wage increases and middle-class tax reductions

Employment for All: Creating/saving/bringing back U.S. manufacturing jobs

Economic Growth: Expanding the economy.  Reduced regulations saving $89 billion saved in regulation rollbacks while protecting the environment, workplace, and communities 

Equality and Opportunity: Improving the life of Black and Brown Americans achieving the highest employment recorded, prison reform, HBCU funding, Enterprise Zones

Self-Sufficiency: Letting capitalism work for Americans.  In 2018, the US surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil)

Rule of Law: Balancing the courts with his appointment of Judges. Building the Wall.  Focus on deporting criminal illegal aliens.

Foreign Policy: Not just America first, but Americans first.  America has gone from free Trade to Fair trade. Stood up to the Chinese (pirating of intellectual property), renegotiated many of the dubious deals. (Iran Nuclear Deal, Paris Agreement), and replaced NAFTA with the USMCA

Support for Israel: Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, fulfilling a promise made since 1995.


Victoria Lynch is a Black conservative with an Ivy League education.  Read more about Victoria.

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