About Victoria Lynch


Victoria Lynch is a Black conservative with an Ivy League education.

 Growing up outside of Washington DC, in a lower middle-class family, liberal politics were considered the norm. As a young adult, she began to research politics and social policy. Her findings lead her to conclude liberal policies have hurt the Black community, discouraged individualism, influenced people away from self- reliance, and mocked American exceptionalism.

Victoria could see the signs of Trump's 2016 win well before most.

She saw how well Trump connected with middle America and the working class.  Her first book unpacked the 2016 Presidential election. Her follow up book, “Trump Wins in 2020,” continues the conversation discussing provocative issues like open borders, immigration reform, single parent households, urban plantations, as well as the Rural and Urban cultural divide.

She has since grown to become a reputable and noteworthy source on all topics Trump and an endorsed speaker for the Republican Party of Texas.

After reading her book, it will be clear as to why the middle class and middle America will not be dismissed or bullied by their bi-coastal neighbors anymore.


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