Trump Wins in 2020

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The political prognosticators, media and cultural elites from the 2016 election have not learned.

They have not learned from their mistakes and are repeating them in 2020.  This book outlines how they continue to cling to their liberal narratives and dismiss (and even insult) large sections of American voters.

Trump's populist message of America first and her exceptionalism continues to resonate.

Trump is still winning on issues Americans care about most:

A red hot economy, jobs, safety abroad, border security, improved trade agreements and greater access to the American dream. Trump has surprised his critics by deliverables on prison reform, empowerment zones for women and the HBCU initiative. These are the kind of successes that will drive his re-election in 2020.

Most of the experts still unpack the 2016 election from an urban bias. Until the prognosticators are open to perspective outside of their bicoastal bubbles, they will continue to miss the intent and voice of the electorate that stunned the world in 2016.

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Red State America

books about trump presidency donald trump 2020 victoria lynch middle class election amazon

Unpacking The 2016 Presidential Election

“In America, now only normal people are capable of seeing the obvious”- Peggy Noonan

There was a seismic economic and cultural disconnect between the urban centers and rural and suburban America. Rural Americans wanted to work again. The flyover states felt the disdain from the coasts. Political correctness masked their cries for jobs, opportunity, and hope in the American Dream for themselves and their children.

The silent majority refused to be silent anymore.

Their potential energy became kinetic.

Millions of Americans who felt dismissed, disenfranchised, and disrespected, shocked the world and supported Donald Trump. This book identifies and unpacks key issues that motivated this electorate to provide one of the greatest political upsets in modern history. Issues that drove these voters to the ballots in record numbers, is discussed with data, research, experience and humanity. Hot button topics like Immigration reform (Build that Wall), Obamacare, jobs, the economic recovery, political correctness, the ideology war of values, make for an informed and fascinating read.

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Coming In Spring 2020

"Facts Don't Lie- Liberals Do" by Victoria Lynch

Popular political and cultural myths, falsehoods and untruths are exposed with data and historical context. Victoria discusses over 10 hot topics such as:


  • Democrats switched their positions on race- no longer the party that owns slavery
  • Climate change (aka global warming, the great ice age) and the world ends in 2031
  • Socialism levels the economic playing field and makes us all equal
  • Healthcare- free for all
  • Constitution is no longer relevant for modern America- Let’s get rid of the 2nd Amendment (The right to bear arms). Is the NRA a terrorist organization because the San Francisco Board of Supervisors says so? The 1st Amendment (Freedom of religion and speech) only applies to the cultural elite, other voices need to minimized or tolerated at best.
  • That Electoral college: Privilege and more representation belong to major urban cities. Do rural areas really matter?
  • Illegals are entitled to the same rights as US citizens. Open borders.

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